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Women all over the world,

Imagine-Logo200pxFinding their voice,

Expressing their power,

Living their dreams,

Becoming leaders in their communities.

Visionary women holding their communities in their hands.

IMAGINE…  A Global Initiative for the Empowerment of Women

IMAGINE Countries

IMAGINE Countries

The Missing Piece in the Empowerment Equation

The missing piece cover 180

A Strategy for Delivering Personal Agency to Women in the Developing World

by Gail Straub

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Women's Empowerment Stories

ShqipeMalushi thumb Afghanistan

Over 900 civil servants in Kabul, Afghanistan have participated in one of the Empowerment Programs.

Awadiya-Yahia thumb Darfur, Sudan

The women of Darfur have suffered in many ways. They need to renew their dreams about a better living and future for themselves and their children

Busayo thumb Nigeria

One of the women commented after the workshop " Now I know I am not a nonentity. I have several potentials in me which I really need to explore deeply."