IMAGINE Program Impacts

"The IMAGINE program was able to facilitate human agency in a relatively short time with minimal costs. Participants expressed high levels of agency and hope for the future which resulted in them being:
• 3 times more likely to report improved income,
• 10 times more likely to report improved health,
• 15 times more likely to report improved relationships.

The capacity of this process to catalyze behavior change is astounding and has tremendous potential to positively impact the lives of millions of women worldwide."

—Dr. Anita Shankar, Behavioral Scientist, Johns Hopkins University


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Approximately 6,000 people, predominantly women, participated in IMAGINE's Empowerment Workshop as of May 2016.

150,000 people were directly impacted through being part of the immediate network of the people who participated in the Empowerment Workshop. This includes family, friends and community members gaining a sense of agency through observation of this new social norm modeled by the Empowerment Workshop participants. This number is based on IMAGINE's informal research indicating that workshop participants on average speak to 25 people over the course of time.

Including the second order effects, or the ripple effect of people directly impacted by Empowerment Workshop participants on those in their networks we estimate this to be 10 people per person (2 degrees of separation). Based on this analysis we conservatively estimate the second order effect of the Empowerment Workshop comes to 6,000 workshop participants directly influencing 150,000 people who each influence 10 people. 150,000 x 10 = 1.5 million people.

There are currently 12 IMAGINE countries: Afghanistan, India, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa. There are 22 IMAGINE Partner NGOs.